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In early 2010 I started doing a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Tasmania, and graduated in August 2014. I have one paper being reviewed for publication. You can read my thesis!

Every now and again I give a talk at a conference. Many recordings of them are linked from my Talks page. The majority of the talks I give seem to be related to software development.

As of December 2013 I work for Google as a Site Reliability Engineer in Sydney. SRE is a bit like DevOps, only different. More specifically I’m a SWE-SRE (that is, Software Engineer in Site Reliability), which means I do more code most of the time.

Concurrent with my studies between mid 2007 and late 2013, I was a casually-employed Software Engineer with Federal Group, who are basically a Microsoft shop. I became the data warehouse/SSIS/Analysis services cubes guy after Rowan left.

But please don’t leave with the wrong impression. My favourite language for most tasks these days is Go. I still prefer Python over Visual Basic. I am somewhat familiar with C++ as of circa 2007, but this is far removed from how it is used at Google. My favourite programming language when I was 11 was QBasic, my favourite when I was 12 was Turbo Pascal 7.

On occasion during my studies I have supplemented my income by building iPhone and iPad apps (in Cocoa & Objective-C) in conjunction with Secret Lab. They’re handy when I want to use a serious internet connection in the middle of Hobart, and always happy to go for coffee.

I dabble in music. Until around 2011 I played trombone in Hobart City Wind Symphony. I’ve experimented in Apple’s Logic Studio 8 through X, and produced the soundtrack for Culture, the first iPhone game made by Secret Lab. Some of the music I’ve made is available for free from my Music page.