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Pre-WWDC Bus Ride, WWDC'10, Bike Ride, and Trip to Berkeley

Last Sunday we hitched a ride with the AUC guys down to Silicon Valley. It was the same as last year’s tour: Fry’s (the small one) where I bought an SSD and some Altoids; the Computer History Museum, which was smaller and less impressive than last year but they still have the mechanical difference engine which is great; and Apple HQ at 1 Infinite Loop, where I bought a T-shirt, a shirt for work, and a microphone/button for my phone.

End of WWDC: Let's Party

So I have mehfforted on the blogging for the past couple of days; it started on Wednesday when I decided that I really didn’t have much to talk about (WWDC content being under a certain agreement whereby I can’t tell you the content) so since that took up most of each day, it seemed worthless to post about it. Now it is Sunday night, so I have plenty of content I can tell you about. (This is also the post I am “treating myself to” for successfully upgrading WordPress manually.)

WWDC Day One: Ponies and Steve

Things I learned today: Applied Queuing Theory. The outside queue to WWDC at about 5:30 AM Queues in Practice and Principle. Another shot of the queue Queues and You: A lesson in hidden opportunities. The queue inside Starbucks Queue Participation for Fun and Profit Internal queue friends Time and Distance: A queue-theoretic case study Are we there yet? Escalating Queues to the Next Level Skilled "escalatio" practitioners on the way up Go go go!

Pre-WWDC: Escapée

After furiously uploading the previous post, and having a furious amount of sleep, I awoke nice and early and Paris not long afterwards. Showers, clothes, and a pile of chat happened, and we slowly assembled on the couches in the lobby.

Pre-WWDC: Preparation, Planes and Phun in San Fran

If I were completely accurate, I would have to say my journey started when I told Paris I wanted a ticket to WWDC even if the AUC weren’t going to give me one for a scholarship. But in actuality it started last week when I decided to shift my sleep schedule in order to make the transition to US Pacific time smooth. Easy: because my alarm clock is really my Mac Mini and a combo of iCal, iTunes, Automator and ABC Classic FM streaming radio, all I had to do was shift the events in iCal and all was good to go.

LCA2009 Tuesday

The first talk I saw was by Arthur Sale - “Beyond Open Source” - and that was a fantastic look at open access in the research world. Grrr, slow-adapting publishers!! *shakes fist*