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Nines of nines

In the operations business we like to talk about nines of things, especially regarding service levels. If

Letter to the Editor

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of trying to fix my grandmother’s broadband internet connection. Her previous internet services provider helpfully informed her that they were no longer offering services in the “rural” 7000 postcode area, and therefore she has switched to a different ISP. After great difficulty securing a new port at the overcrowded telephone exchange, she was cut over to the new service yesterday. Something went awry and I spent several hours between the computer and the call centre support trying to fix it.

PAX Aus, and Make Stuff

Funny story. I only decided to go to the first ever PAX Australia, with full passes sold out ages ago, late on Friday morning. (Yeah, after it had started.)

Josh's Foolproof Guide to Picking Up Chicks

Want to learn how to pick up? Sick and tired of failing at a task that seems so easy to some people? Well, here’s one weird tip, nay, one weird whole bleeding foolproof guide that will make you an instant chick pick-up master! Step 1: First, obtain permission to lift the box of baby chickens from the farmer. Step 2: Bend at the knees. Do not bend at the back. Bending at the back increases the risk of a back or spine injury.

Knitting 2.0

(This is a sequel to the post I never wrote, “Knitting 1.0”. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy waiting for this stupid SSAS cube database to process.)


Time is traditionally accounted for by counting periodic motion of a planetary mass in the solar system. One rotation of Earth is a day, one revolution about the sun is a year. In the current era, it has its progress tracked by atomic clocks, the principles of which is founded upon the periodic motion of subatomic particles. I recall learning at one point in school that the relevant international standard is based on energy transitions of a particular isotope of caesium, and identifying over nine billion periods of its radiation as one second.

Dear Comment Spammers,

I have infinite patience when it comes to clicking the Delete Comment button. It feels very satisfying deleting your worthless trash, and I reckon I could do it all day. Your futility amuses me. Please continue to waste your time and energy attempting to spam my blog. Thankyou.

Thought du jour

It is often said of some people I know, “she/he has selective hearing.” I believe these to be huge understatements.

New Data

This may seem totally obvious to some. Or, you may never understand it. Words are ambiguous, so naturally some error occurs in the transmission of thoughts via English, whether my loose use of it or your poor understanding of it. Nevertheless, please read. The overwhelming majority of humans are boring, uninteresting, or utterly square. Whatever you are doing, chances are somebody somewhere else is doing it better than you. Whatever you are thinking, somebody has probably thought it before.